Hi, I'm Reva Khaire - a Mathlete, and an aspiring researcher(among other things!)

This website is a glimpse into my world, filled with equations, melodies in the making, and the occasional brush with the clouds. 

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Get to Know Me: My Skills and Passions 

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Math to me is -- 'the sports for my mind'! I completed Calculus 1 and 2 at our local university, and you can see on my 'Math' page how I get to do my homework the cool way!

I started competing at my school in 3rd grade and recently achieved the perfect score in AMC 8 (0.04% of all participants nationally). 

Mastering the oboe takes work, but the payoff is incredible!  The discipline it teaches goes beyond music, and the range of emotions I can express through this versatile instrument is truly special.

I'm honored to perform with both the Charlotte Symphony Youth Philharmonic and my school band, and even more excited to see where the music takes me next!