Sports and Fun

🪂My Sky Adventures🪂

Paragliding Reva Khaire


First Glider Ride

Chess♟️Swimming🏊 Soccer⚽

Chess tournaments

Getting ready to dive!

Swim freestyle and backstroke.mp4

Building up 50 yards endurance!  


Back after a break

My Experiments!!🧑‍🍳

My first attempt at Black Forest Cake

Donuts in the making...🍩🍩

Chocolate Donuts...🍩🍩

Chocolate Donuts...🍩

Banana waffles with a twist!

Baking 'healthy' cookies!

Doodling around with 'Pixel'  - the Playful Pup🐶

Just cuddling!

Making his favorite treat!

He needs to be brushed 

E-collar blues! Working on a solution. 

When he was sad!